The focus of our new game will be: “Improv repetitions”. Each of us can select a shape according to own preference, and repeat it in several ways. It may be rotated, enlarged, deformed and so on. What’s the limit of deformation that keeps consistency for a shape to be recognizable? Interesting question for improv piecers: there’s room to experiment!  

What about repetitions amount? No limit. It is already interesting to repeat an element just a few times, for a clear graphic effect. But you can include as many repetitions, as much you can fill in. This is free: according to your desire.

Some game features have been decided by poll results: a consultation by @quiltimprovstudio, published in Instagram for quilters interested to participate, provided the results resumed in this page.

All the pictures of the finished quilts will be collected and displayed in order of arrival on the dedicated IG page @quiltimprovstudio. If you want to be included in this gallery send us a picture of your mini quilt as DM within January 10th 2021, with title, measure, brief comment (and, optional, your nationality). Kindly take care to use bright illumination, and to frame quilt edges parallel to the borders of the photo. 

Looking forward to see your shapes: whatever form you will choose, be it squares, curves, stripes, regular or irregular polygons, straightedged or wavy… this is a good occasion to play with graphic elements for our quilts!


Finished size: about 24”x24”

How many shape types? According to poll results: one shape

Main color: blue (multiple blue shades can be included), plus a free selection of other colors, solid or prints.


Post on Instagram at least 3-4 photos of your work in progress, showing:

  • Selected material
  • Beginning of piecing
  • Main phases
  • Finished quilt

How to participate

Just start your mini quilt and share your pictures with us by using these hashtags: