quilt improv studio participation to exhibits

our project is mainly virtual. sometimes it goes to the real world

We had the opportunity to be part of a group gallery event in Trieste (Italy), dedicated to the two techniques of patchwork and painting, at Atelier dell’arte, during October and November 2021.

It was an occasion where multiple streams were collected: stories of connections from a distance, in a period when people could not meet in person but still wanted to be creative together; the sense of a widening perspective that can be achieved on a canvas when a painter wants to feel in open air while being in stay-at-home mode; the solidarity that can be materialized thanks to the effort of tens of quilters, during sewing marathons resulting in charity quilts.

In this venue we had the opportunity to host some examples of the works realized during the challenges launched by Quilt Improv Studio. It has been the first opportunity to put together Quilt Improv Studio games participants from the surrounding of the venue site in Trieste, wishing that this be repeated also in the future with a wider participation and related logistics arrangements!

All this was part of the gallery “The tales of the needle and the brush”.

In the video below you can get a glimpse of this experience.