Improvisation: a tool to play and to learn

Setting prompts and exercising with Modern Patchwork, as expression and collaboration tool

Why to make challenges?
Sewing not only by ourselves, but also together with other quilters that share our love for improv, is a way to experiment and to stretch boundaries.

Besides participating to challenges set by quilting contests, we tried to construct our own exercises.
By comparing results, we discovered that, even if a group of quilters love the same colours, the resulting work can be very different! For example, Giovanna feels at ease with two solids, Paola and Carla like using more than twenty shades; Giovanna and Carla start many tops and work in parallel, while Paola keeps serial approach with one quilt at a time…
And you? what’s your preference?

In this site, and on the socials, we will share quilting prompts. Anybody is welcome to join: every chance is good to talk about improv!


Here you can find the link to the challenges defined up to now: