Venice, Rome, Trieste. This is where each of us is living. A distance of 700 kilometres keeps us apart, we have almost never seen each other in person. Ok, to be honest, Paola and Giovanna met once in Trieste, and we have ideas for visiting Carla in Rome, but such plans have no date yet. Thus, the solution is clear: our common passion travels essentially on-line.   
Distance is not a show-stopper: on the contrary, it sparks our curiosity!
When a conversation on improv does start, it cannot be stopped. We feel like visiting the same sewing room, the virtual studio we have created seems to be working like a real place! Quilt Improv Studio is a departure gate from which many adventures can fly, following the line of a thread.

Improv patchwork is known by a small number of people in Italy: we wish it becomes more widespread around us… and the world is full of improv quilters! 
By comparing information from each of us, we familiarize with new methods, we share notice on quilt artists to be followed, we express our thoughts on approaches to improv… and the geographical distance between us disappears: it doesn’t matter if we’ve not met yet, the bond grows strong!
Two months have passed since the launch of our Orange Summer Challenge: seeing that it reached quilters from distant places in the globe has been a joy and a surprise! 
We feel the charm of experiencing a collaboration really aimed to deepen our knowledge and, when possible, to involve more quilters in improv initiatives.   
There is still time to try the Orange initiative: we hope that it gives fun, that it facilitates connection between quilters, and the only risk in practicing improv is to get passionate for it!

If you are starting or finalizing an Orange improv quilt, you may be interested to know that we are already engaged in phone calls, chats and discussions on the next steps: we are setting the foundation for the new game to come. We invite you to keep an eye on @quiltimprovstudio Instagram stories, because in the next period we shall involve you on some decisions for the next initiative, in order to take your preferences into account.
What to add? Our video talks on the topic of quilting are like a river of words, flowing and flowing along… until they are interrupted by a burst of laughter! And we love those moments too!

4 thoughts on “Online quilt fun

  1. Paz Avalos (@sakura.quilting) says:

    The improv process is sure very addictive. I’m anxious about new proposals by the group. I learn from every new Quilt, every new adventure. I’m so happy we’re connected 😄👌🏻though we’ve never met either.

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