During our meeting in Trieste, we discovered that we both have entered a quilt at the same challenge at the Prague Patchwork Meeting and we were waiting for a confirmation e-mail.  Some days later we were on the exhibitors list! Such a great news. We started to plan a week end in Prague together.  Meanwhile Paola sent her quilt.

Unfortunately in a few weeks everything has changed. We received an e-mail warning us that the Prague Meeting was cancelled due to the world health situation. Quilts already sent will be returned  and no need to send others.

The end of our first project was that our baggage was not even prepared and the only thing that went to Prague was Paola’s quilt.

By the way, if our suitcases are empty, our minds are full of ideas, and we can do a lot of things staying at home. Technology can help us and sometime crises create new opportunities. In April we met again, this time virtually. We both attended a Sherri Lynn Wood’s online workshop. Same workshop two different resulting works, this is why I love improv patchwork.

Our flow of discussions run on zoom meetings and phone calls: ideas started to take shape. Even if objectives were well defined, the route to them continuously changed, as a work in progress… as if we were adopting the approach of improv not only to fabric, but also to activities! While the construction of quiltimprov web site was ongoing, at the same time we tightened the connection with another Italian improv quilter.

Follow us, and you will get to know her!

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