In the previous post, we left Giovanna busy with her suitcase to be filled, and some travel to be done.

What was the content of her suitcase?
A bundle of quilts!
All the quilts she had sewn in the recent years. Large quilts, small quilts, mini quilts, top to be finished, flying thread…

In February 2020, Giovanna took the train from Mestre, near Venice, and reached Paola in Trieste.
At Paola’s home, the quilts popping out from Giovanna’s bag seemed to be endless. It was the first chance we had to see each other in person, and to look at all the quilting work done by both of us until that day.

What kind of quilts are the ones carried by Giovanna?
We met because Improv Modern Patchwork is our common passion. We could see similar things in our works, but once we put them together, we also noticed all the differences.
The same, but different. Is this the essence of improv? For sure it is one of the things we most appreciate. To be free during working process may lead, over time, to an identifiable customization.

Reading books of reknown improv quilters, we can see that almost all of them describe what improv is. Words are almost the same, but their works are not. At a first glance, they are identifiable one from another. Different ways to use colors, shapes. layout, quilting, become a kind of signature.

As well as modern patchwork, also improv patchwork is part of a bigger movement in continuous evolution, and it is experienced as a personal creative growth.
We are at the beginning of this journey: we are studying and experimenting. We are driven by curiosity and passion. In this website we will try to create some insights, and to gather other quilters, in order to grow together.

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