The path towards the construction of this site started on the verge of new year 2020, when Giovanna and Paola first met, thanks to the common interest for improv modern patchwork.

We encountered on the web: both of us attended an on-line workshop, Improv Row by Row, led by Daria Blandina and Roberta Sperandio, and the sneak peeks of our work in progress suggested we had a similar taste for color choice.

Paola decided to break the ice inviting Giovanna to start a joint project. During the first phone call, while Giovanna was on the mountain enjoiying family holidays, Paola proposed to meet in person. Even if this required to take the train, Giovanna liked the idea of travelling, and started to fill her luggage. A new year was starting: the best moment to fill our agenda with new plans!

So, let’s introduce ourselves.

Since year 1997, Paola pursued her passion with graphics by use of drawing and photography, presented in solo and group exhibits. Her project of science communication based on creative pictures taken at the microscope toured Italy for some years.

In 2017 she discovered modern patchwork as a mean for expression, and started sewing wall quilts. Her first quilt gallery, “Doppio Trasporto” (walking on fabric fields) was shown in Trieste at Atelier dell’arte; other group exhibits include participation to Abilmente fair in Vicenza.

Giovanna familiarized with patchwork for the first time in 2007 during a journey in USA. The approach with modern patchwork came in 2016, when she noticed the freedom of creative expression possible with such technique. Curiosity lead to passion, study, research and experimentation: she always strives to learn and improve.

Giovanna’s quilts have been shown in the main Italian textile fairs (in Turin, in Vicenza) and in local guild group shows (in Treviso). Her work has been featured in international blogs and magazines dedicated to modern patchwork.

In this web site we will collect our ideas on improv, we will tell stories of joint initiatives, and we will go for a wider participation to this adventure.

… to be continued!

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